Energy in Pennsylvania

Energy independence is one of the central issues facing Pennsylvania voters.

Marcellus Shale

Pennsylvania sits on what's been called one of the world's great natural-gas reserves: the Marcellus Shale. I believe that in order to responsibly deal with this goldmine, we must create a responsible and fair tax on developers. Energy companies not only are accustomed to paying these taxes, but have already built these expenses into their budgets. As Senator Jane Earll stated, "Every other state has an extraction tax, and some of those in the industry have been in my office talking about a tax, and not opposing it,".

Ryan believes that letting the developers access the Marcellus Shale without taxation is irresponsible for the fiscal integrity of Pennsylvania. States such as Texas and Alaska, leading the charge in Natural Gas production, already add a tax for developers in order to access the state's gas reserves. Candidate Bizzarro believes that Pennsylvania should adopt a plan similar to these states in order to increase Pennsylvania's revanue while still encouraging local production of natural gas.

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