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Bizzarro Against Department of Public Welfare Ruling
Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 7:41 PM


Democratic candidate for state representative calls for community to take immediate action against the Department of Public Welfare’s downgrade of Erie County from “urban” to “rural”

Erie, Penn.— Ryan Bizzarro, candidate for state representative for the Third Legislative District, announced today his disapproval of the recent ruling by the Department of Public Welfare to change the funding formula, knocking Erie County from an “urban” to “rural” area.

“Politicians in Harrisburg are doing an excellent job at attempting to make our community irrelevant,” said Bizzarro. “This is a blatant slap in the face to Erie County and these types of decisions simply cannot continue to happen. At best, this was a thoughtless decision that will have devastating effects on our community.”

Bizzarro believes the reclassification will dramatically impact the Erie community, causing less of Erie County’s tax dollars to come back to the Erie area and instead be sent to classified ‘super urban areas’ such as Philadelphia. He also expressed additional concerns that this downgrade will have the following ramifications: first, changes will affect funding for the most vulnerable in our community, including seniors who use the Department of Public Welfare services; second, it will have negative consequences for jobs in local social service agencies; and lastly, it’s another attempt by Harrisburg politicians to marginalize Erie.

Bizzarro is asking all Erie County residents to take immediate action. “Call and write letters to your state senator and state legislator, asking them to continue to put pressure on the Governor’s Office and Department of Public Welfare,” said Bizzarro. “Our local elected officials can and must work together to reverse this thoughtless decision.”

Citizens can also call and write letters independently and voice their concerns and opinions directly to the Department of Public Welfare and the Governor’s Office. The Bizzarro Campaign has a form letter for citizens to download available on the campaign website.



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