Making Erie a Leader of the 21st Century

Ryan Bizzarro has long recognized the great potential of Erie County--the only county with a port city in Pennsylvania; a beautiful waterfront; multiple colleges, universities, and technical schools; iconic companies such as GE; a skilled workforce; and leading health care facilities. And while we have made strides here at home, Ryan knows it is only the beginning.

There is a strong foundation present in Erie upon which any community could come together and advance forward with the best interest of its families at its core. Ryan is focused on revitalizing the community he has always called home by elevating Erie as a leader in Pennsylvania politics. His vision for Erie is one of innovation, prosperity, and action. He firmly believes it can be achieved by launching sound economic development initiatives to promote prosperity, fostering a more united community through stronger civic participation, and restoring a sturdy foundation and common sense approach to politics.

Community and Civic Participation

In business, decisions are made based on the best interest of the stakeholders; government should be no different. Legislators must once again make decisions based on the common good for its stakeholders--the residents of Erie County. As an active member of the Erie community, Ryan believes our success heavily depends on our willingness to fight together for our future. To truly make Erie a leader of the 21st century, the people of the community must come together and make the choice to get involved, bringing ideas to the table and voicing their concerns about what matters most. Ryan believes the willingness of the constituents of the 3rd District to participate and work together will build a strong future for the Erie community in which we all can be proud.

Promoting Prosperity for Pennsylvania

As a current board member of the Erie County Industrial Development Authority, Ryan realizes the potential that the Erie community has both culturally and economically, and believes Pennsylvania can become a leader among states if its people work together to create strong economic development and growth initiatives. Ryan firmly believes that government creates opportunities that promote a healthy economic climate for businesses of all sizes to create 21st-century jobs and will work across the aisle to propose legislation that connects businesses to resources, links regional services to appropriate recipients, and supports entrepreneurs and innovation. Additionally, Ryan will fight for legislation that improves the Pennsylvania education system and empowers our future - Pennsylvania students.

Restoring Our Foundation Through Common Sense

Ryan has realized that sometimes common sense is not so common. Nothing will be accomplished in Harrisburg if elected officials continue to focus on seeking re-election instead of working for and with the people. It’s time for politicians to resign and for public servants to emerge and lead by example, making proper investments, closing loopholes, and finding other common-sense solutions that best solve problems within Pennsylvania. Ryan will lead by taking action and hold himself accountable to the people of Erie County and their families to restore trust in government through cooperation and teamwork with fellow legislators in the Pennsylvania State House.

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